Small Boutique Expedition Cruises

Small Boutique Expedition Cruises is for the traveler who has been everywhere, and is seeking to see the few places less traveled. All the boutique vessels; both Seabourn Venture, and Viking Osiris and Octanis are all Ultra Luxury boutique expedition vessels that offer a unique and luxurious cruising experience to all its passengers. The choice ultimately depends on your personal preferences and interests of which the Luxury Travel Specialists at Curlew Travel can plan and create an exceptional tailor-made journey for our clients. Focusing and anticipating the client’s expectations so that they are fully satisfied.

What is a Boutique Expedition Cruise?

A boutique expedition cruise is a type of expedition cruise that offers a more luxurious and personalized experience compared to a standard expedition cruise. These cruises are characterized by their small size and attention to detail. With a focus on providing high-end amenities and services to a limited number of passengers. In addition to the luxurious onboard experience, boutique expedition cruises often offer unique itineraries and exclusive activities, such as private shore excursions, customized wildlife viewing experiences, and other personalized adventures.


The focus is on providing a high level of service and creating a personalized experience for each passenger, with a high staff-to-guest ratio and a commitment to exceptional customer service. These Boutique expedition cruises can be a great option for travelers who want to experience the thrill of exploration and adventure in style and comfort. However, they tend to be more expensive than standard expedition cruises, due to the high level of service and amenities they offer.


Seabourn Venture vs Viking’s Osiris:

Why cruise on Seabourn Venture ?

A new ultra-luxury purpose-built expedition ship; Seabourn Venture, paying tribute to the remote destinations visited by the brand’s highly successful expedition and Ventures by Seabourn excursions, and shows that of Seabourn new commitment to the Arctic and Antarctic region. This ship features 132 spacious and elegantly appointed all ocean-front balcony suites. Each suite includes a Personal Suite Host and Suite Attendant along with amazing main shower and tub with walk in closets.

Seabourn All-inclusive difference, includes complimentary premium spirits and fine wines available on board at all times. The range of dining options with world-class dining further enhanced through a culinary partnership with Chef Thomas Keller. Spa & Wellness by Dr. Andrew Weil, a Fitness Center, and a Pool. Here is where ultra luxury meets adventure, and designed to explore exotic destinations also offers its passengers a variety of expedition activities, such as Zodiac tours, Kayaking, and Snorkeling.

Chart a new course aboard Seabourn Expeditions; a world-class experience of comfort and luxury and take that journey to exotic locations brimming with natural wonder.

Seabourn Antartica

Seabourn Antarctica

Why Cruise On Viking’s Osiris?

A Luxury River Cruise Ship custom built for the Nile River, this petite vessel features an immersive experience in Egypt. The ship accommodates 82 passengers in elegant Scandinavian style, with its historical photography and designer spaces that helps give it the feeling of a Boutique Hotel, especially its Two-Story Airy Atrium. Each spacious stateroom features full length windows, and adorned with luxurious accents. A variety of dining options, and a range of onboard activities, such as lectures and workshops on Egyptian history and culture. Viking Osiris also offers a range of shore excursions that explore the ancient wonders of Egypt.

Viking Nile Cruises

The Great Sphinx and Pyramid of Khafre at Giza, Cairo, Egypt.



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