Viking’s South American & the Chilean Fjords

Viking Ocean Cruises South American and Chilean Fjords Cruise offers creates incredible adventure for those with similar interests including geology, history, culture, cuisine, and the arts, and it’s all here and designed for the mature traveler, with peaceful design features, and courteous staff Showcasing amazing food though-out your cruise.

Tango on your journey to the end of the world with Viking Ocean Cruises.

Embarking off the coastal waters of Pacific Ocean from Capital City of Chile, Santiago, Viking Ocean Cruises (make sure to try local Spicy Empanadas) offers just a few sailings from this Chilean city before boarding The Viking Jupiter, as she navigates her passengers in simple relaxing luxury, setting sail for both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, just like real explorers sailing to the end of the world.

Viking Ocean Aerial view

Viking Cruises

While onboard sailing the same seas the infamous explorers of Darwin and Magellan also once sailed. Charles Darwin: a Naturalist, Explorer & Writer, was inspired by the wildlife that he saw there, and it inspired him to develop his Theory of Evolution and Organ of Species. Portuguese Explorer Ferdinand Magellan set sail in 1519 from Spain to discover a Western route to Spice Islands. En Route he discovered what is know known as the Strait of Magellan.

Viking Ocean Cruises delivers an exceptional cruise experience with history and seafaring tales of these ocean waters. Hold our history of exploration. Sailing in relaxing style, capturing awesome glimpses of nature, and discovering what each day reveals to the hidden avid explorer in each of us. Maybe you’ll even discover something new about yourself while sailing these seas to the end of the world.

Traveling south through the Patagonia Region, many passengers catch the most stunning and captivating views of untamed natural beauty this region presents. Around each corner, adventure awaits amongst its rugged peaks, and ice shelved covered mountainsides and glaciers the further south we sail to the “End of the World”. Carefully navigating the iceberg-crowded channels of the Chilean Fjords.

Experience nature up close

Guests may encounter up-close the blue-tinged glaciers that dominate the landscapes. Cruising to port of cities, showcasing natural vistas offered by Chilean Fjords. Remarkable untamed natural beauty can admire, along with jagged peaks and ice shelves, navigating the iceberg-crowded channels and entering area zone known as the “End of the World” and explore endless possibilities in the vibrant capital city Argentina Buenos Aires the birthplace of the Tango Dance added in 2009 to the UNSECO Intangible Cultural Sites, and also known as the “Paris of the south” Buenos Aires boasts renowned architecture, world-class cuisine, vibrant entertainment, world-class shopping.

Viking Ocean Explorer Lounge

Couple looking out windows of the Explorer’s Lounge

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